UEFA Euro 2016 header

24 teams will compete in the Euro 2016 Finals

  • 1 : France as hosts
  • 9 : Group winners
  • 9 : Group runners-up
  • 1 : Best 3rd place
  • 4 : Winners of the 3rd place play-offs


Matchday 10

Won Drawn Lost
  ISL Iceland TUR (H)   LVA (A)   NED (H)
CZE (H)   NED (A)
LVA (H) CZE (A)   TUR (A)
  CZE Czech Republic NED (H)   TUR (A)   ISL (H)
LVA (A)   NED (A)
LVA (H) ISL (A)   TUR (H)
  TUR Turkey NED (H)   CZE (A)   ISL (H) LVA (A)   NED (A)   LVA (H) ISL (A)   CZE (H)
  NED Netherlands LVA (H)   LVA (A) TUR (H) CZE (A)   ISL (A)   ISL (H)
TUR (A)   CZE (H)
  LVA Latvia TUR (H)   CZE (A)   TUR (A)
ISL (H)   NED (A)   NED (H)

Won Drawn Lost
  BEL Belgium CYP (H)   ISR (A)   BIH (H)
CYP (A)   ISR (H)
BIH (A)   WAL (H) WAL (A)
  WAL Wales CYP (H)   ISR (A)   BEL (H)
BIH (H)   BEL (A)   ISR (H) BIH (A)
  BIH Bosnia and Herzegovina ISR (H)   WAL (H)   CYP (A) WAL (A)   BEL (H) CYP (H)   ISR (A)   BEL (A)
  ISR Israel CYP (A)   BIH (H) WAL (A) WAL (H)   BEL (H)   BIH (A)
CYP (H)   BEL (A)
  CYP Cyprus BIH (A)   ISR (A) ISR (H)   WAL (A)   BEL (A)
WAL (H)   BEL (H)   BIH (H)

Won Drawn Lost
  ESP Spain MKD (H)   BLR (H)   UKR (H)
BLR (A)   SVK (H)   MKD (A)
  SVK Slovakia UKR (A)   ESP (H)   BLR (A)
MKD (A)   MKD (H)
UKR (H) ESP (A)   BLR (H)
  UKR Ukraine BLR (A)   MKD (H)   BLR (H)
SVK (A) SVK (H)   ESP (A)   ESP (H)
  BLR Belarus MKD (A)   SVK (A) MKD (H) UKR (H)   SVK (H)   ESP (A)
ESP (H)   UKR (A)
  MKD Macedonia BLR (A) ESP (A)   UKR (A)   SVK (H)
BLR (H)   SVK (A)   ESP (H)

Won Drawn Lost
  GER Germany SCO (H)   GEO (A)   POL (H)
SCO (A)   GEO (H)
IRL (H) POL (A)   IRL (A)
  POL Poland GER (H)   GEO (A)   GEO (H)
SCO (H)   IRL (A)   SCO (A) GER (A)
  IRL Republic of Ireland GEO (A)   GEO (H)   GER (H) GER (A)   POL (H)   SCO (H) SCO (A)   POL (A)
  SCO Scotland GEO (H)   IRL (H) POL (A)   IRL (A)   POL (H) GER (A)   GEO (A)   GER (H)
  GEO Georgia SCO (H) IRL (H)   SCO (A)   POL (H)
GER (H)   POL (A)   IRL (A)

Won Drawn Lost
  ENG England SUI (A)   EST (A)   SVN (H)
LTU (H)   SVN (A)   SUI (H)
EST (H)   LTU (A)
  SUI Switzerland LTU (H)   EST (H)   LTU (A)
SVN (H)   EST (A)
ENG (H)   SVN (A)   ENG (A)
  SVN Slovenia SUI (H)   LTU (A)   EST (H) LTU (H) EST (A)   ENG (A)   ENG (H)
  EST Estonia SVN (H)   LTU (H) LTU (A)   ENG (H)   SUI (A)
SVN (A)   ENG (A)   SUI (H)
  LTU Lithuania EST (H) SVN (A) SVN (H)   SUI (A)   ENG (A)
SUI (H)   EST (A)   ENG (H)

Won Drawn Lost
  NIR Northern Ireland HUN (A)   GRE (A)   FIN (H)
ROU (H)   HUN (H)   FIN (A) ROU (A)
  ROU Romania GRE (A)   FIN (A)   NIR (H) HUN (H)   NIR (A)   HUN (A)
GRE (H)   FIN (H)
  HUN Hungary FIN (H)   FIN (A) ROU (A)   GRE (H)   ROU (H)
NIR (H)   GRE (A)
  FIN Finland GRE (A) GRE (H)   ROU (A)   NIR (H) ROU (H)   HUN (A)   NIR (A)
  GRE Greece HUN (H) FIN (A)   HUN (A)   ROU (A) ROU (H)   NIR (H)   FIN (H)

Won Drawn Lost
  AUT Austria MDA (A)   MNE (H)   RUS (H)
RUS (A)   MDA (H)   SWE (A)
  SWE Sweden MDA (A)   MNE (H)   MDA (H) AUT (A)   RUS (H)   MNE (A) RUS (A)   AUT (H)
  RUS Russia SWE (H)   MDA (A)   MNE (H) SWE (A)   MDA (H) AUT (A)   AUT (H)
  MNE Montenegro MDA (H)   MDA (A) SWE (H) AUT (A)   SWE (A)   AUT (H)
  MDA Moldova RUS (A) MNE (A)   AUT (H)   SWE (H)
AUT (A)   MNE (H)   RUS (H)

Won Drawn Lost
  ITA Italy NOR (A)   AZE (H)   BUL (H)
AZE (A)   NOR (H)
CRO (H)   BUL (A)   CRO (A)
  CRO Croatia BUL (A)   AZE (H)   NOR (H)
ITA (A)   ITA (H)   AZE (A) NOR (A)
  NOR Norway BUL (H)   AZE (A)   BUL (A)
AZE (H) ITA (H)   CRO (A)   ITA (A)
  BUL Bulgaria AZE (A)   AZE (H) ITA (H) CRO (H)   NOR (A)   NOR (H)
ITA (A)   CRO (A)
  AZE Azerbaijan NOR (A)   CRO (H) BUL (H)   ITA (A)   CRO (A)
NOR (H)   ITA (H)   BUL (A)

Won Drawn Lost
  POR Portugal DEN (A)   ARM (H)   SRB (H)
ARM (A)   ALB (A)   DEN (H)
  DEN Denmark ARM (H)   SRB (A)   SRB (H) ALB (A)   ALB (H)   ARM (A) POR (H)   POR (A)
  ALB Albania POR (A)   ARM (H)   ARM (A) DEN (H)   DEN (A) POR (H)   SRB (H)
  SRB Serbia ARM (H)   ALB (A) ARM (A) DEN (H)   POR (A)   DEN (A)
  ARM Armenia SRB (H)   DEN (H) DEN (A)   POR (A)   ALB (A)
POR (H)   SRB (A)   ALB (H)

Results between the top 5 teams in each group are only taken into account. Therefore Kazakhstan (Group A), Andorra (Group B), Luxembourg (Group C), Gibraltar (Group D), San Marino (Group E), Faroe Islands (Group F), Liechtenstein (Group G) and Malta (Group H) are not shown.

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