UEFA Euro 2012 header

Euro 2012 was co-hosted by Poland and Ukraine. 16 teams participated in the finals

  1. CRO Croatia
  2. CZE Czech Republic
  3. DEN Denmark
  4. ENG England
  5. FRA France
  6. GER Germany
  7. GRE Greece
  8. ITA Italy
  9. NED Netherlands
  10. POL Poland (HOST)
  11. POR Portugal
  12. IRL Republic of Ireland
  13. RUS Russia
  14. ESP Spain
  15. SWE Sweden
  16. UKR Ukraine (HOST)

Group StageEdit

The top 2 in each group advanced to the knockout stage. This did not include both of the hosts, Poland and Ukraine.

Group A Group B Group C Group D
1   CZE   Czech Republic   GER   Germany   ESP   Spain   ENG   England
2   GRE   Greece   POR   Portugal   ITA   Italy   FRA   France
3   RUS   Russia   DEN   Denmark   CRO   Croatia   UKR   Ukraine
4   POL   Poland   NED   Netherlands   IRL   Republic of Ireland   SWE   Sweden

Knockout StageEdit

Group winners, Czech Republic and England lost their quarter-finals. In the semi-finals, Italy defeated Germany to reach the final. But Spain was champions again repeating its 2008 success.

  Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
  Winner A v Runner-up B
      CZE   Czech Republic  
    POR   Portugal  
      POR   Portugal  
Winner C v Runner-up D       ESP   Spain  
    ESP   Spain
      FRA   France  
        ESP   Spain (CHAMPIONS)
Winner B v Runner-up A       ITA   Italy
      GER   Germany  
    GRE   Greece  
    GER   Germany
Winner D v Runner-up C       ITA   Italy  
    ENG   England
      ITA   Italy  

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