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This was the 3rd season with the expanded Group Stage. To accommodate the extra matches only 23 domestic champions of the UEFA member associations participated in the 1996–97 UEFA Champions League. As current UEFA Champions League titleholder, Juventus automatically qualify for this season's competition. As they were not Serie A 1995-96 champions, Italy had 2 representatives this season.

Qualifying RoundEdit

The 16 lower tier domestic champions played a home and away knockout round. With the admission of Juventus required the Russia champions to play in the Qualifying Round. The champions of Czech Republic returned after being absent in 1995-96. Juventus and Slavia Prague replaced the champions of Croatia and Cyprus that participated in the 1995-96 competition.

New teams Teams in
Champions League
Teams eliminated
after matches
Qualifying Round AUT BEL CZE DEN GRE HUN ISR NOR POL ROU RUS SCO SWE SUI TUR UKR      16 new teams      >>> 8 teams
Group Stage ENG FRA GER ITA ITA NED POR ESP        8 Qualifying winners
       8 new teams
     16 teams
     >>> 8 teams

Group StageEdit

The 8 winners from the Qualifying Round joined with the 8 higher tier domestic champions to form 4 groups of 4 teams, playing a home and away series.

Country Qualifying Group Stage Quarter Finals Semi Finals
     AUT AUT   Rapid Wien   Rapid Wien
     BEL BEL   Club Brugge
     CZE CZE   Slavia Prague
     DEN DEN   Brøndby
     ENG ENG   Manchester United   Manchester United   Manchester United
     FRA FRA   Auxerre   Auxerre
     GER GER   Borussia Dortmund   Borussia Dortmund   Borussia Dortmund
     GRE GRE   Panathinaikos
     HUN HUN   Ferencváros
     ISR ISR   Maccabi Tel Aviv
     ITA ITA   AC Milan
  Juventus C
  Juventus C
  Juventus C
     NED NED   Ajax   Ajax   Ajax
     NOR NOR   Rosenborg   Rosenborg   Rosenborg
     POL POL   Widzew Łódź   Widzew Łódź
     POR POR   Porto   Porto
     ROU ROU   Steaua Bucureşti   Steaua Bucureşti
     RUS RUS   Alania
     SCO SCO   Rangers   Rangers
     ESP ESP   Atlético Madrid   Atlético Madrid
     SWE SWE   Göteborg   Göteborg
     SUI SUI   Grasshoppers   Grasshoppers
     TUR TUR   Fenerbahçe   Fenerbahçe
     UKR UKR   Dynamo Kyiv


The top 2 teams from each group advanced to the knockout stage.

Group A Group B Group C Group D
1   FRA   Auxerre   ESP   Atlético Madrid   ITA   Juventus   POR   Porto
2   NED   Ajax   GER   Borussia Dortmund   ENG   Manchester United   NOR   Rosenborg
3   SUI   Grasshoppers   POL   Widzew Łódź   TUR   Fenerbahçe   ITA   AC Milan
4   SCO   Rangers   ROU   Steaua Bucureşti   AUT   Rapid Wien   SWE   Göteborg

Knockout StageEdit

  Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
  Winner A v Runner-up B
      FRA   Auxerre  
    GER   Borussia Dortmund  
      GER   Borussia Dortmund  
Winner D v Runner-up C       ENG   Manchester United  
    POR   Porto
      ENG   Manchester United  
        GER   Borussia Dortmund (CHAMPIONS)
Winner B v Runner-up A       ITA   Juventus
      ESP   Atlético Madrid  
    NED   Ajax  
    NED   Ajax
Winner C v Runner-up D       ITA   Juventus  
    ITA   Juventus
      NOR   Rosenborg  


The final this season was played at Olympiastadion, Munich where Borussia Dortmund defeated last season's champions, Juventus.

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